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Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba

Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba

Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba is perched on a hillside in Huayoccari, at the heart of the Sacred Valley. The hotel grounds span roughly 100 acres of eucalyptus, farmland, and emerald Andean hillside. 

Hacienda Urubamba features casitas and suites that are spread throughout a green hillside.

A modern hotel drawing on colonial heritage, the guest rooms feature local woodwork, stone, and textiles.

Nearby, a 10-acre farm provides the restaurant with organic produce inlcuding red and black quinoa, Urubamba corn, purple corn and potatoes.

Hacienda Urubamba features grassy walkways with individual wooded casitas.

Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba Accommodations 

The hotel has a total of 36 Rooms — 12 in the main house and 24 individual casitas.

All of the rooms include twin/king beds, sofa bed, cotton sheets, duvet, pillows, full-length mirror and closet.

The rooms all have a living room and dining area. A spacious bathroom features a heated towel rail, towels, hairdryer, toiletries, bathrobes and slippers.

In-room amenities include:

  • Three-daily turndown services; breakfast in room (in select rooms)
  • Flat screen with DirecTV and DVD player
  • iPad and Bluetooth speakers
  • Minibar and complimentary bottle of Pisco
  • Wi-Fi
  • Safety box and cordless telephone

Urubama Owners Quarters (1,076 square feet; 2,045 square feet):  

Urubamba Suites (689-958 square feet): 
Urubamba suite features exposed beams, king bed, windows and art.

Urubama Junior Suites (495 Square feet): 

Hacienda Urubamba suite showcases green mountain views, large windows, and a king size bed.

Urubama Independent Casitas (484 Square feet): 

Hacienda Urubamba Casitas feature scenic mountain views, exposed beams, and a king size bed.

Urubama Superior Deluxe (258 – 344 square feet): 

Hacienda Urubamba superior deluxe suite features exposed wood beams, king bed and flat screen tv.

Hotel Amenities Include:

  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Gardens
  • Spa: Mayu Spa is located in the foothills between Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba’s organic orchard and peppertree forest. The treatments are based in 100% natural products from native medicinal herbs 
  • Wi-Fi
Urubamba dining features old furnishings, antique furniture and mountain views.


Visits to Inkaterra’s Ecological farm, hiking along the Huasi Challa trail, bird watching, and biking tours can be arranged on property.

Other excursions include visits to the Inkariy Museum, Inca Trail hikes, and hiking to the Yanacocha lagoon.

Urubamba is full of green, grassy fields, and blue smoky mountains.


Inkaterra La Casona

Inkaterra La Casona

Inkaterra La Casona is a Relais & Chateaux boutique hotel set within a restored 16th-century manor house.  The hotel is located on Plazoleta de las Nazarenas in the historic quarter of Cusco, near the Museum of Pre-Columbian Art (MAP), the Inka Museum, and two blocks from the main plaza.

The Inkaterra La Casona Patio has green grass, dimly lit archways and wide open center space.

Each of the 11-suites is furnished with fireplaces, heated floors, and large bathtubs.

The hallways feature colonial furniture, pre-Columbian textiles, and original murals.

The in-house dining is arguably the best in Cusco, make with fresh, local ingredients that explore the indigenous cuisine of the region. Guests can enjoy innovative liquors and spirits and relax at daily Tea Time. 

Inkaterra La Casona is located on a small square a few blocks northeast of the city’s central plaza, Las Nazarenas, surrounded by Andean sceneries and cobblestone streets. 

Inkaterra La Casona features antique furniture, old paintings and religious artifacts.

Inkaterra La Casona Accommodations 

The three different hotel suites range from 346 to 512 square feet. All of La Casona’s suites are furnished with a king or twin beds, cotton sheets, anti-allergenic pillows, duvet, and a dining area for 2 guests.

The large bathroom is equipped with two sinks, tub, shower and toilet, towels and twin closet.

For maximum comfort, the suites are equipped with heated floors.

Plaza Suites (512 square feet): 

The plaza suite features a orange couch, ornate columns and murals and plaza views.
Balcon Suites (346-482 square feet):
The Balcon Suite features a colored rug, red couch, plaza views and a white king size bed.
Patio Suite (355-418 square feet):
Inkaterra La Casona has patio rooms that feature a large king bed, exposed white stucco ceilings and colorful duvets.

Hotel Amenities include:

  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Courtyard
  • Massage room
  • Boutique
  • Supplemental oxygen
  • Wi-Fi
Inkaterra La Casona has a romantic dining room filled with antique furniture and ornate details.Inkaterra La Casona features a warm spa room with a white bed and large window with curtains.


The Strait of Magellan: Everything You Need to Know

Where is the Strait of Magellan?

The Strait of Magellan (also called the Straits of Magellan or Estrecho de Magallanes) is an important, natural sea channel linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans between the southern tip of South America and Tierra del Fuego island. It lies almost entirely within Chilean territorial waters.

Strait of Magellan Map: 

A white and grey image of Strait of Magellan Map

What is the Strait of Magellan?

The Strait of Magellan is a curvy navigable channel that is about 350 miles long and 2-20 miles wide at its narrowest and widest points.

The fjords and channels are celebrated for their natural beauty of glacial and mountainous scenery, with the strait often being compared to Alaska’s Inside Passage.

It is also home to several islands. Its major port is Punta Arenas, located on the Brunswick Peninsula in southern Chile.

The strait is known to have unpredictable weather, especially sudden changes of wind disrupting sea conditions and traveling ships.

Shore of Patagonia, photographed on Strait of Magellan luxury cruise around Cape Horn

Who discovered the Strait of Magellan?

The Strait of Magellan is named after Ferdinand Magellan, the first European to navigate the Strait in 1520. Magellan was a Portuguese navigator who was sailing under a Spanish flag in an attempt to find a westerly route to the Spice Islands (the Maluku Islands). The lands north of the Strait were named “Land of the Patagones” (Patagonia) and those to the south were named “Land of Smoke” (Tierra del Fuego).

Magellan’s passage through the strait was not easy, due to its complexity (with many fjords and dead ends) and foggy climate. His fleet took thirty eight days to complete the passage. Though Magellan was killed in the Philippines several months later, one of his captains finished their expedition, thus completing the first global circumnavigation.

An artistic photo of the Silhouette of a mountain behind the strait of Magellan in Chile

Why is the Strait of Magellan important?

Despite its tricky passageways and cold climate, the Strait of Magellan was an important route for steam and sailing ships traveling between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, up until the completion of the Panama Canal in 1914, which shortened that passage by thousands of miles.

The strait was considered a safer route than the often rough Drake Passage, separating Cape Horn (the southern tip of South America) from Antarctica.

Ice spotted sea of the Strait of Magellan, backed by dramatic landscape, photographed on Patagonia cruise around Cape Horn

Why Visit the Strait of Magellan? 

The Strait of Magellan’s importance as an international sailing route declined after the creation of the Panama Canal. Today, approximately 1,500 ships pass through the strait each year.

Ships rounding South America from the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans continue to travel through the strait. It offers an inland passage protected from major ocean storms.

However, the strait’s major revival has come through tourism. Comfortable Strait of Magellan cruise now allow travelers to experience the strait’s natural beauty, wildlife, and stillness.

Each year, about 50 cruises pass through the strait. These multi-day cruises make stops at scenic islands, glaciers, waterfalls, and forests.  Visitors can observe elephant seals, Humpback whales, and Magellanic penguins.

On the Chilean side of the strait, Punta Arenas is a major departure point for visitors headed to Torres Del Paine National Park or to Antarctica by air.

In southern Argentina, the major port is Ushuaia, which also serves as the embarkation point for cruises to Antarctica.

Cruise ship passing a sailboat in the Strait of Magellan in Argentina

Casa Gangotena


Located across from Plaza San Francisco in Quito’s Centro Historico, Casa Gangotena has been Quito’s premier address since the 1920s.

Casa Gangotena is lit by a purple sky as the white and lit hotel lines the streets of Quito.

This landmark hotel was once the grand home of the influential Gangotena family—whose members have included industrialists, politicians, and poets.

Completely refurbished in 2014, the mansion’s Art Nouveau and Art Deco elements include chandeliers, murals, friezes, mirrors, and a marble staircase.

The interior of Casa Gangotena in Quito Ecuador is fitted with chandeliers, dark wooded furniture, art and tall windows.A large white marble staircase in Casa Gangotena winds through the lobby.

Due to the hotel’s classic character, each of the 31 rooms is unique; the average room size is 377 square feet. Murals, tall ceilings, rich carpets, Art Deco-

style furniture, and Statuarietto marble bathrooms are common themes.

Casa Gangotena Accommodations

Casa Gangotena’s 31 rooms, with both double and king-size beds, are arranged across all three of its floors. Due to the property’s heritage character, rooms vary in size, although they are all comfortably ample. All benefit from the mansion’s elegant tall ceilings.

Décor: carpets, large window frames, curtains and Art Deco-style furniture such as desks, armoires, tables and armchairs. All the rooms are air-conditioned, carpeted, non-smoking and sound-proofed, with private bathrooms (nearly all with separate bathtubs and showers).

The interior of Casa Gangotena is fitted with a courtyard with sofas, trees and natural light.

In-room amenities:

  • King or two double beds
  • Individual air conditioning controls
  • Wi-Fi
  • Television
  • Robes, slippers, bathtub, hair dryer, and security box
  • Per piece laundry service and 24-hour room service are also available

Luxury Rooms

Casa Gangotena’s 20 Luxury Rooms are each 387 square feet. Eleven of the rooms have double beds, 9 rooms have a king-size bed, and 1 room is equipped for guests with special needs.

The Luxury rooms feature fine upholstery, plush carpets, linens and classical furnishings.

The luxury rooms have views of Calle Cuenca to the west, garden views or the Virgin of Quito which rests on Panecillo Hill.

The luxury rooms at Casa Gangotena are fitted with murals, beds, large windows and curtains.

Luxury Plus Room

Casa Gangotena’s 1 Luxury Plus is 312 square feet and has 1 king-size bed.

The Luxury Plus room features classical columns, ornate furnishings, and a large mural wall depicting an Italian landscape.

Junior Suite

The hote’s 1 Junior Suite is 516 square feet and is equipped with a king-size bed.

The Junior Suite was formerly the “tea room” for the Gangotena family. It features an original mural depicting a hunting scene.

It overlooks the hotel garden and Panecillo hillside.


Balcony Junior Suite

The hotel’s 1 Balcony Junior Suite is 315 square feet and has 1 king-size bed. 

The Balcony Junior Suite has a private balcony that looks out to the garden and the Virgin of Quito monument.

The room is fitted with neoclassical columns and the bathroom is equipped with large windows and marble finishes.

The balcony junior suite has blue and gold accents and features a balcony that looks out onto the plaza below.


The hotel’s 2 Suites are 785 square feet. One suite with a king-size bed can be separated to make two connecting or individual Luxury rooms.

These rooms face the garden and receive plenty of natural light. 

The suite rooms at Casa Ganeotena include a gold wall design, large curtains and windows, a king size bed and gold accents.

Plaza View Rooms

The 8 Plaza View Rooms are 222 square feet. Two of them have 2-full size beds and the remaining six feature a king-size bed.

The 8 plaza view rooms enjoy views of the San Francisco Plaza. The tall french windows allow guests a birds eye view of the bustling plaza below.

The plaza view rooms include blue and gold accents, plaza views below and a king size bed.

Casa Gangotena Amenities 

Casa Gangotena amenities include:

  • Restaurant: Inspired by Ecuador’s diverse flavors, Casa Gangotena’s restaurant experiments with a variety of textures, techniques and tastes. Chef Emilio Dalmau infuses every dish with creativity, leaning on his passion of crafting excellent and innovative cuisine. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, brunch (only on Sundays), Café Quiteño (“high tea”), and dinner.
  • Bar
  • Afternoon tea
  • Rooftop terrace
  • Courtyard garden
  • Concierge
  • Luggage storage
  • Elevator
  • Air conditioning
  • Wi-Fi

Food at Casa Gangotena food features fresh colored fruit paired with creams and flowers.

Exploring Quito

Casa Gangotena is located in one of the best-conserved historic centers in the Americas, referred to as Old Town. It is surrounded by striking buildings and churches.

Old Town is home to grand plazas, boutiques, small shops, and museums. Here guests can explore the culture of the city framed by the Virgin statue that lies atop the Panecillo Hill.


Christmas 2019 in the Galapagos: Family Suite


Searching for the perfect family vacation over the December holidays? Tired of boring beach resorts?

If you’re seeking connection and renewal in a magical location, we have the perfect opportunity for you. This is the trip your family will always remember.

The Galapagos is a high-demand destination with strictly limited supply; sought-after options book up 18 to 24 months in advance of the December / January holiday season.

As an exclusive for our clients, LANDED has pre-purchased a special program for Saturday, December 21 – Thursday, December 26, 2019 at Galapagos Safari Camp—our favorite Galapagos option for families.

AFAR, The Times of London, Elle, and Milk have praised Galapagos Safari Camp for its hospitality, comfort, and central location in the cool highlands of Santa Cruz Island.

Galapagos Safari Camp looks over a green nature reserve.Outdoor patio at Galapagos Safari Camp family suite.

“Our trip was a huge success. Galapagos was perfect. The guides you arranged could not have been more kind and helpful. Your on-the-ground team was fantastic—knowledgeable and accommodating. It was beautifully organized. The trip of a lifetime.”

– J. Cormier (New York, NY)

Galapagos Safari Camp Program Dates

Saturday, December 21 to Thursday, December 26, 2019 (five nights / six days)

Day 1: Saturday, December 21 – Arrival in Galapagos, highland of Santa Cruz (lava tunnels and pit craters), and tortoise reserve. Lunch and dinner included.

Giant Galapagos Tortoise Spotted in a lush green field on a private guided wildlife tour in the Galapagos

Day 2: Sunday, December 22 – Boat excursion* (45 minutes per direction) to North Seymour Island—home of blue-footed boobies, magnificent frigates, marine iguanas, land iguanas, finches, and sea lions. Snorkeling at the white sand Bachas Beach. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.

Two blue footed boobies perched on the beach, photographed on a birdwatching tour in the Galapagos Islands

Day 3: Monday, December 23 – Artesanal fishing experience. This day trip is part of a program with Galapagos National Park, which gives fishermen an alternative means to support themselves and reduces strain caused by overfishing.

Sustainable fishing, followed by visits to secluded beaches and snorkeling spots such as La Fe, Playa Escondida, or Bahia Borrero alongside rays, colorful fish, sea turtles, and sea lions. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.

A School of Pacific Creole fish, photographed on a scuba expedition at a Galapapgos Island dive site.

Day 4: Tuesday, December 24 – Boat excursion* (90 minutes per direction) to Punta Carrion and South Plaza Island.Snorkel with fish, rays, and turtles.

Explore the trails through giant cacti in search of land iguanas, marine iguanas, hawks, Nazca and blue-footed boobies, red-billed tropic birds, and swallow-tailed gulls.Visit the sea lion colony. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.

sea lion near the Galapagos Safari Camp

Day 5: Wednesday, December 25 – Exploration of Santa Cruz Island’s eastern side. Visit the Cerro Mesa private reserve to observe Galapagos tortoises, short-eared owls, mockingbirds, and six subspecies of finches.

Biking (or vehicle transfer, as you prefer) to Garrapatero Beach in search of flamingos, marine iguanas, blue-footed boobies, sea lions, rays, and sea turtles. Explore the tide pools, swim, or kayak.

En route back to camp, stop at El Trapiche Ecologico to learn about the production of artisanal coffee. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.

A pink flamingo wades in the water near the Galapagos Safari Camp.

Day 6: Thursday, December 26 – Breakfast at the camp, with time at leisure for a morning hike or sunrise at the observatory platform. Return to Baltra airport for your departure from the Galapagos. Breakfast included.

* Group-basis boat excursions. These excursions are likely aboard the Sea Lion or Sea Finch motor yacht, each of which has a capacity of 20 passengers. Boat and itinerary substitutions may occur. Galapagos Safari Camp reserves the right to change the order of the itinerary based on local weather conditions, park regulations, and force majure.

A cliff over blue ocean on Galapagos Island.

About Galapagos Safari Camp

Galapagos Safari Camp was conceived and built with passion.

This African-styled tented camp is a creative alternative—light on the land and surrounded by nature. Nestled on a private reserve in the wild highlands of Santa Cruz Island, camp offers views of the Pacific Ocean and the National Park.

This is tortoise territory; and the camp is alive with warblers, mockingbirds, and finches.

The camp consists of nine tent cabins, a main lodge, and a family suite. For this departure, we have reserved nine tent cabins (for a total of up to 16 guests).

Nature reserve on Galapagos Safari Camp property.Main lodge with expansive window at Galapagos Safari Camp.

The Galapagos Safari Camp Family Suite

The suite features three bedrooms, each with an en suite bathroom. The master bedroom is king-bedded.

The two other bedrooms have two twin beds each. The master bath has a bathtub, double sinks, separate shower, and toilet.

The three bedrooms are interconnected, but they can also be accessed via their own private doors from a wrap-around terrace.

The terrace offers some of the best views at the camp—the perfect spot for a sundowner. Downstairs, the suite has a family room stocked with children’s toys, games, and books.

The suite is located next to the main lodge building. Meals are provided in the main lodge, but special family dinners can be served on the terrace upon request.

The suite does not have air conditioning, Wi-Fi, television, or telephone.

Galapagos Safari Camp map.

Galapagos Safari Camp amenities and features:

  • Swimming pool
  • Kid’s club building with games and trampoline
  • Viewpoint terrace for sundowners
  • Views of the highlands, Pacific Ocean, and neighboring islands
  • Bicycles
Galapagos Safari Camp outdoor pool.

Weather & Wildlife Activity

High temperatures for the holiday season in Galapagos average 81ºF, with low temperatures near 70ºF.

The average water temperature near the surface is 73ºF. Rainfall is rare: one-half inch for the month. The highlands are cooler than the coast, and mist is more common.

The December / January holidays fall during the start of the warm season in Galapagos; the cool Humboldt Current loses strength, and clear skies are expected.

The sun starts to get more intense during this month. We recommend guests use SPF 30+ sunblock.

This is the start and the end of the breeding and mating seasons for many animals in Galapagos, making wildlife encounters very attractive.

Wildlife activity:

  • Blue-footed boobies nesting
  • Red-footed boobies and masked boobies breeding and nesting
  • Waved albatross nesting
  • Magnificent and Great Frigate birds nesting
  • Green sea turtles begin mating
  • Marine Iguanas and Land Iguanas begin mating
  • California sea lions breeding
  • Fur Sea lions breeding
  • Flightless Cormorants, Penguins and Greater Flamingos breeding and nesting

International Extensions

Before your trip to the Galapagos, we can arrange time in Peru (Cusco / Machu Picchu; 5 nights recommended) or Colombia (Cartagena or Bogota; 3 nights per destination recommended).

Mainland Ecuador Extensions

We can also arrange visits to the Andean Highlands, Quito, the Choco cloud forest, and the Amazon Basin.

At a minimum, we recommended:

  • Two to three nights in Quito (UIO) or the Andean region before visiting the Galapagos.
  • One night in Guayaquil (GYE) before departing Ecuador.


Cerro Dragon (Dragon Hill) in the Galapagos Islands, photographed on a private wildlife tour

Domestic Flights

To ensure arrival and departure at the correct times, the expected flights for this program (not included in the package price; subject to change) are as follows:

  • To Galapagos: TAME Airlines Flight EQ193
  • Departs Quito (UIO) at 9:00AM, arrives in Guayaquil (GYE) at 9:50AM
  • Departs Guayaquil at 10:40AM, arrives in Baltra (Galapagos; GPS) at 11:30AM

From Galapagos: TAME Airlines Flight EQ192

  • Departs Baltra (Galapagos; GPS) at 12:30PM, arrives in Guayaquil (GYE) at 3:20PM
  • Departs Guayaquil at 4:00PM, arrives in Quito (UIO) at 4:50PM

To ensure proper coordination, LANDED must arrange these flights. The expected rate per person is US$550. Rates are subject to change. Business class seats may be available.

These flights are usually programmed with Airbus 320. Luggage is restricted to one checked bag (50 lbs. maximum) or two checked bags with a total combined maximum weight of 50 lbs.


For the family suite, the price of this package is US$39,663 (US$6,611 per person based on six travelers). The family suite pricing is always quoted on the basis of six guests. Fewer guests are possible, but the pricing will not be decreased.


Booking Instructions

  • A 40% deposit is required to secure a booking, paid within seven days of confirmation.The remaining balance will be due 120 days prior to the scheduled date of arrival.
  • Along with deposit payment, a completed copy of the LANDED booking agreement.
  • Within two weeks of booking, the following items are required:
    • A photo of each traveler’s passport photo page.Passports must have at least six months of remaining validity, as measured from the date of return to the USA;
    • The international flight information (flight numbers and record locator numbers);
    • Information about any dietary preferences or restrictions, or about special medical conditions or considerations; and
    • Height and shoe size for each traveler (for wetsuit and swim fin sizing).


Payment Policy

  • A 40% deposit is required to secure a booking, paid within seven days of confirmation.
  • The remaining balance will be due 120 days prior to the scheduled date of arrival.
  • Where a conflict arises, these deposit requirements supersede any deposit requirements expressed elsewhere in documents provided by LANDED.
  • Galapagos Safari Camp reserves the right to cancel bookings should stipulated policies not be met.


Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation of booking must be in writing.Cancellations are only effective on receipt of written notification.
  • Cancellation of the Galapagos Safari Camp booking after confirmation will immediately incur a fee of 20% of the total booking amount, in addition to any non-refundable items, such as the $350 per person booking fee.Additional items, such as airfare, taxes, and park fees are non-refundable.
  • Cancellation of the Galapagos Safari Camp booking at 150 days prior to the scheduled arrival date will incur a fee of 50% of the total booking amount, in addition to any non-refundable items, such as the $350 per person booking fee.Additional items, such as airfare, taxes, and park fees are non-refundable.
  • Cancellation of the Galapagos Safari Camp booking 120 days or fewer prior to the scheduled arrival date will incur a fee of 100% of the total booking amount.
  • Cancellation fees will automatically be deducted from deposits.
  • Where a conflict arises, these cancellation policies supersede any cancellation policies expressed elsewhere in documents provided by LANDED.


Child Policy

  • Galapagos Safari Camp is a child-friendly property, welcoming children of any age.
  • Galapagos Safari Camp does expect parents to ensure their children are thoroughly supervised.
  • Children must not disturb the calm or rest of other guests at the lodge and while on safari.
Children observing giant tortoisees in the wild at Chato Conservatory

Price Includes

  • Accommodation at Galapagos Safari Camp.
    • The family suite has three bedrooms, for up to a total of six guests
    • The safari tent can be configured with one double or two twin beds, for up to a total of two guests.
  • Hotel occupancy taxes at Galapagos Safari Camp
  • Meals at Galapagos Safari Camp (three meals daily)
  • Group-basis land tours with Galapagos Safari Camp on two days while in residence at the camp (as outlined in the itinerary)
  • Group-basis boat excursions through Galapagos Safari Camp on two days while in residence at the camp (as outlined in the itinerary)
  • Use of wetsuits, masks, flippers, bikes, and kayaks on excursions with Galapagos Safari Camp.
  • Access to the VIP airport lounge in Galapagos
  • Wi-Fi in the main lodge (via satellite).Wi-Fi is not available in the tents.

Price Excludes

  • Airfare and related taxes and frees
  • Pre- or post-Galapagos touring
  • Galapagos National Park Tax: US$100 per adult and $50 for children under 12, which must be paid upon arrival in Galapagos in cash
  • Galapagos Visitors Transit Card: US $20 per person in cash, paid at the airport in Quito or Guayaquil prior to your flight to Galapagos. Please note that to avoid a double charge, the card must be presented upon arrival in Galapagos and kept until departure
  • Personal expenses, services and purchases (e.g. laundry, spa services, and telephone calls)
  • Early check-in, late check-out, and day use charges
  • Meals not noted in the itinerary
  • Alcoholic drinks and other beverages
  • Gratuities for guides, crew, and drivers (recommended: $30 per guest per day)
  • Optional excursions, tours and activities
  • Trip insurance, which is strongly recommended
  • International airport departure fees, which must be paid in cash if not included in your air tickets. Check with our airline, as this is likeley not included in your ticket.


  • Upon arrival at Galapagos Safari Camp, guests are asked to read and sign an indemnity agreement.Galapagos Safari Camp management retains the right to refuse admission should the indemnity form not be signed. Galapagos Safari Camp and LANDED will not be liable for any claim or refund should the indemnity form not be signed.
  • Itineraries may be subject to change due to Galapagos National Park weather conditions; park regulations or administrative decisions; or force majure.
Pristine sand beach with large rocks in background. Bartolome, Galapagos Islands