Comayagua: Honduran Charm

Comayagua (or Comayaqua) is one of the loveliest cities in Honduras.

Shaded plazas and more than a dozen colonial churches ornament the city center.

In the background, sounds of marimba mingle with tolling bells and the calls of ice cream vendors.

Santa Semana

During the Santa Semana Easter week festivities, colorful sawdust “carpets” are lovingly created along the procession routes.

Founded as Santa Maria de la Nueva Valladolid in 1537, Comayagua served as a regional capital during the Spanish colonial period.

After independence, the county’s seat of government switched back and forth between Comayagua and Tegucigalpa until 1880.

Comayagua’s historic center bears witness to the city’s past prominence.

La Merced and The  Comayagua Cathedral

The most impressive structures are its cathedral (inaugurated in 1711), the church of La Merced (1551), and neoclassical city hall.

The cathedral’s clock is likely the oldest in the Americas—its mechanism was built by Spanish Moors over 900 years ago and donated to the city by King Phillip III.

Other highlights include a 16th-century church and convent of San Francisco, the Colonial Museum, and the Museum of Anthropology and History.

Birding in Lago Yojoa

Around 60 miles north of Comayagua, Lago Yojoa is one of the country’s top birdwatching destinations—over 375 avian species have been spotted here.

At the lake’s northern end, the Los Naranjos archeological park—a Lencan site dating to 700 BC—is enveloped by forest and lakeside birdwatching trails.

The area’s other attractions include coffee plantations, hot springs, and caverns.

Lago Yojoa

Lago Yojoa is flanked by two densely-forested national parks: Montana de Santa Barbara and Cerro Azul Meambar.

Santa Barbara protects 125-square miles of mountainous cloud-forest—home to jaguars, more than 400 bird species, and dozens of orchid varieties.

Approximately 20 miles to the east, the cloud-forests of Cerro Azul Meambar are habitat for over 300 bird species.

This park has a fine system of looping trails, enabling access to lookout points and waterfalls. Privately guided tours can be arranged with expert naturalists.

Comayagua is located 50 miles northwest of Tegucigalpa and 90 miles south of San Pedro Sula.

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