Meet the LANDED Family.

Erynn Montgomery


Photo of LANDED co-founder Erynn Montgomery on her classic BMW motorcycle with her four daughters split between the sidecar and bike

Born an adventure seeker, Erynn has explored many parts of the world out of desire to understand and connect with people of all cultures. Before she and John started LANDED in 2006, Erynn was the CEO and President of an international humanitarian organization focusing on South America where she quickly grew to love the people and the landscape. Erynn has a passion for writing and shares some of their family’s adventures at Tropic of Candycorn. She can often be found leading gelato missions on her 1974 BMW R75/6 with a sidecar full of four happy daughters.

John Montgomery


John Montgomery, Co-Founder of LANDED, wearing a cream white cowboy hat and blue denim short sleeve button-up shirt

John Montgomery was born traveling. As the son of two Air Force officers, his childhood spanned the USA and Far East. Soon after they married, he and Erynn began dog-earing their passports together. Even after the arrival of their fourth daughter, the journeys continue. When he needs a break from the feminine energy of the family home, John escapes lobo solo to locations remote and extreme. Prior to founding LANDED, he survived 16 years financing hotels and othercommercial real estate. These days, he smiles a lot.

Jenny Baker

Accounting Specialist

Jenny Baker, Accounting Specialist at LANDED

 Jenny was born in Germany and spent her early years on the U.S. air force base. As a daughter of a military family, she travelled a lot as a kid, realizing at a young age that travel would play a special role in her life. Jenny loves experiencing new places. She started working as an accountant while in school at Brigham Young University, before later earning her Bachelor of Science. Jenny is a stay at home mom of three young kiddos and loves singing along with the radio, hiking and yoga.


Lindsay Schou

Director of Operations

Linday Schou, Director of Operations at LANDED

Lindsay was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. Having travelled extensively in Latin America, her position as LANDED’s Director of Operations is a perfect fit. During her college years, Lindsey studied in both Nepal and Thailand, two destinations that will always be dear to her heart. Lover of camping, rafting, dark chocolate, and popcorn, Lindsay is happiest under a clear night sky.

Emily Sutherland

Destination Specialist

Emily Sutherland Destination Specialist at LANDED

Emily was born and raised in Nashville, TN and dreams of one day moving to Switzerland. She grew up travelling with her family and loves experiencing the beauty of the world. From diverse cultures to new places, travel holds a special place in her heart. Unsurprisingly, Emily works at LANDED as a Destination Specialist, channeling her passion for travel into her work. When she’s not working, she loves spending time with her husband Michael and their sons, Crawford and Henry.



Jesica Cardone

Operations Specialist

Jesica Cardone, Operations Specialist at LANDEDLANDED

Jesica was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she lives today. She worked in the hotel industry for 10 years before becoming a Concierge at Park Hyatt Buenos Aires—a position that helped her discover her passion for travel design. Jesica strives to make each trip an amazing life experience. When she’s not working, you can find Jesica dancing, enjoying the smell of recently watered grass and listening to jazz while eating almost any type of cheese.


Allie Cunningham

Operations Specialist

Allie Cunningham, Operations Specialist at LANDED

Allie grew up in the mountains. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Geography and Geology from Weber State University and currently works for LANDED as an Operations Specialist. When Allie isn’t busy turning people’s travel dreams into realities, she can be found reading, enjoying archery, and studying astrophysics.

Hayley Bailey

Operations Specialist

Haley Bailey, Operations Specialist at LANDED

Hayley’s love of travel, combined with her professional expertise in event planning and management, as well as a bachelor’s degree in horticulture, has given her particular qualifications to help create unique and tailored experiences for LANDED clients. In her free time, you’ll find her traveling with family, playing with her son, and searching out all kinds of great food. Most days find her near the water, with a happy soul.


Shantel Shearer

Accounting Specialist

Shantel Shearer, Accounting Specialist at LANDED

Shantel lives in Salt Lake City with her wonderful husband of 16 years. Together they have three amazing kids: Brooklyn, Burton, and Bryson. Shantel graduated from LDS Business College with a degree in buisness and accounting certificate. She enjoys music, yoga, and reading. Above all, Shantel loves travelling with her family.


Michael Seymour

Marketing Specialist

Michael Seymour, Director of Marketing atLANDED-Travel

Michael Seymour was born in Virginia but got to Texas as fast as he could. He works at LANDED as a Marketing Specialist, and loves helping people discover the amazing things LANDED can do for them. Michael holds a BBA in Marketing and Management from Texas Tech University and MMC in Global Strategic Communication from The University of Florida. In his free time, Michael enjoys exploring the world—discovering nature, trying new foods, and spending time with his lovely girlfriend Nikki and their dog Ralph.


Rachael Johnson

Experience Specialist

Rachael Johnson, Experience Specialist at LANDED

Rachael Johnson works at LANDED as an Experience Specialist. She’s a white chocolate chip eating, hiking enthusiast from Salt Lake City, Utah. Rachael enjoys yoga, outdoor adventure, camping in the mountains and living life to the fullest. The craziest thing Rachel has ever done is swim in the Galapagos Islands with dolphins and sharks.

At LANDED, each travel request is personal. After all, you’re trusting us with your most precious asset—free time with the people you care about. By getting to know you, we’ll create the most memorable, most exceptional trip of your life.

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