What is a Travel Designer?

Travel designers are destination experts who specialize in vacation planning. A good travel designer will understand what you want from your vacation, adding value throughout the planning and execution. When you consult with a travel designer, you’re eliminating guesswork, frustration, and wasted time. You’re gaining expertise, confidence, and value.

The best travel designers will anticipate your questions, explore options through one-to-one conversations, and recommend a customized, private travel plan, especially for you.

Once your plan is tailored, your travel designer will secure your reservations and make all the arrangements you desire.

At LANDED, you’ll consult with true travel designers—trusted advisors who know the territory. The LANDED experience is worlds away from what you’ll find at those off-the-shelf, call-center / catalog travel firms.

You have unique travel requirements and dreams. Shouldn’t your vacation perfectly fit your tastes and wishes? Wouldn’t you prefer an itinerary hand-made, especially for you, and flawlessly executed?

LANDED travel designers are dedicated to our craft and devoted to our travelers. We love our destinations and want to share their magic with you.

Throughout your journey, your LANDED travel designer will clear your path and be there for you at every turn.

First-Hand Knowledge

At LANDED, our travel designers are true destination experts. LANDED’s founders have been designing travel to Central America, South America, and Antarctica for more than 20 years.

We’ve traveled solo, as couples, and with our families. That’s why Conde Nast Traveler has recommended LANDED five years running.

LANDED’s travel designers are dedicated to exploring our destinations. To wit, we know because we go.

Award-Winning Design and Creativity

Our insightful travel designs and personalized consultation process have helped make LANDED the most trusted name in custom travel to Latin America and Antarctica.

We’re continually adding to the repertoire, earning accolades from our travelers, and winning awards from travel industry experts. Every LANDED travel design is a genuine original; we never recycle a past itinerary. This is true custom travel—no AI and no BS.

Depth of Understanding

We continually revisit our recommended vacation destinations. When we go, we re-test the experiences and services that we offer to our travelers. We inspect every hotel and lodging option, critiquing the accommodations and service. We seek out new adventures, expanding our network of contacts. We sample our recommended restaurants. After we return, we continue to check in, making sure our standards are maintained. All that advanced effort, time, and investment, benefits you.

Depth of Experience

Every day, we help travelers like you make the most of their most precious, irreplicable asset: free time with the people they love. These destinations are our passion and our

More than 90% of our requests come from repeat clients and referrals. No other team of travel advisors can provide you with such depth of insight into vacationing in Latin America and Antarctica.

Unmatched Value

Through the witchery of our wholesale arrangements, LANDED can arrange and manage your travel for the same prices you’d find if you booked directly. Moreover, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of LANDED’s expertise, relationships, and support.

Your vacation time is irreplaceable. Doesn’t it deserve professional care?

Priceless Perspective

We travel continuously throughout our destinations. We’ve also explored the wider world, sampling top-tier services and properties across every continent.

Our experience translates into valuable context for our travelers. If you loved Amangiri or Mambo Camp, we know where you feel at home in Argentina, Peru, or Chile.

In short, we recognize relative value. Let us guide you through the options.

Insider Access

We’ve cultivated an eclectic network of local experts, partners, guides, and insiders. Often, these relationships span decades. Our friends and contacts are at your service, ready to welcome you like family. With LANDED, you’ll enjoy uncommon access—open doorways and open hearts.

Peace of Mind

When we met, many first-time LANDED clients had experienced other parts of the globe but hadn’t yet explored anything south of Mexico. Working with LANDED was their initial step into Central America, South America, or the Antarctic. Now, they’re dreaming of returning. Rest assured, our destinations will charm and delight you.

With LANDED, you’ll have access to our team of experts during every step of the journey. We’ll be here to guide you, responding in real time, adjusting, and re-confirming details. We’re at your service, with 24/7 English-language support.

With LANDED, you’ll experience the trip of a lifetime, without any of the hassle or guesswork that can come with traveling abroad. Let’s start a conversation today at 801.582.2100.

The vacation of your dreams is within reach.

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