What is Sol y Luna Association?

Sol y Luna Association is a non-profit organization working to improve the lives of children in Peru’s Sacred Valley. Of all the non-profits we’ve encountered in Latin America, Sol y Luna shines the brightest.

We first learned about the school in 2013, when we enrolled our own daughters there for a summer. The school’s life-changing work so impressed us, that we now sponsor two children at the school. Our eldest daughter also volunteered at the school in 2019. You can listen to a conversation with the school’s founder, Petit Miribel, on our very first episode of the LANDED Podcast.

Sol y Luna Association now operates a school and a home:

  • Sol y Luna Intercultural School opened in 2010, the school now provides a high-quality academic education to more than 200 students, most of whom are on scholarships. The school also offers remedial education to the parents of students. The school provides personalized attention, with a staff of nearly 40 teachers, caregivers, and volunteers. Since 2015, the school has welcomed young people with special needs.
  • Sol y Luna Home was christened in 2019, this group home provides a safe, pleasant environment for those children at the school who are without family, or who are the victims of violence and abuse. The home is more than a living space, it is a family to children and teens in situations of vulnerability.

How To Help

The children of the Sol y Luna Home are currently being cared for by tutors and volunteers, but their future is uncertain, as is that of the 200 children who are educated and cared for by the Sol y Luna School and Home.

Whilst we are all facing disruptive and unsettling times, we ask you to please remember those who are deeply suffering with no access to basic necessities, such as food, clean water and education.

Any donation, even the smallest amount, will help provide a future for these deeply deserving children and their caregivers.   You can give through:

Your act of giving matters. Please give generously.

Sol & Luna Association is registered and accredited in the public records of the Republic of Peru and is recognized as a donation recipient by the Ministry of Economy.