The Laid-Back Capital

Montevideo is the most relaxed capital city we’ve ever encountered; that’s a big part of its appeal. Today it’s known for leafy parks, urban beaches, world-class soccer, and mate shared with a smile. But in the 18th century, Montevideo, was founded as a Spanish fortress–a stick in the eye of the Portuguese.

Strategically located across the Rio de la Plata from Buenos Aires, this historic citadel was a reaction to the Portuguese presence in Colonia. Sections of the old walls still frame the Ciudad Vieja (“old town”), understandably famous for its magnificent colonial buildings.

Montevideo Uruguay overlook

Metropolitan Cathedral and the Solis Theater

Highlights include the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Cabildo, the Solís Theater and the Torres García Museum.

This city is adorned with sprawling parks and wide beaches.

La Rambla, Montevideo’s multi-mile waterfront promenade, stretches from downtown to the trendy eastern beaches of Pocitos, Buceo, and Carrasco. Visitors can rent bicycles, windsurf, or join in a friendly game of beach volleyball.

Parque Rodo

Nearby, the Parque Rodo neighborhood is anchored by a 62-acre park, known for its lush gardens, emerald lakes, and jubilant carnival rides.

Montevideo also hosts a fine collection of museums and galleries.

Among our favorites are:

  • Museo Nacional de Artes Visuales (contemporary painting and sculpture)
  • Museo del Gaucho (gaucho culture and history)
  • Museo del Futbol (stadium tour and details of Uruguay’s legendary World Cup soccer victories)

Direct flights connect Montevideo’s Carrasco International Airport to Buenos Aires (50 minutes), Santiago (2.25 hours), and Sao Paulo (2.75 hours).

Getting to Montevideo

Overnight flights from New York reach the city in approximately 13 hours, and flights from Miami take about nine hours.

Montevideo can also be reached via high-speed ferry from Buenos Aires in about two hours.

Teatro Solis
From Montevideo, the 90-mile drive to Punta del Este takes about 90 minutes, and the 100 mile trip to Colonia takes about two hours.

Montevideo is a year-round destination, home to a wide range of hotels.

Peak season arrives in February, as the city erupts into drumming and dancing in honor of Carnival.

Montevideo Climate

The warmest months are November through March, with highs in the 80’s and lows in the 60’s.

During the winter months (June through August) highs reach 65° F, with lows near 50° F. Precipitation is light throughout the year.

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