Quirigua Maya Site

The ancient city of Quirigua (kiri-gwah) is a Maya Classic Period site, located in eastern Guatemala on the Motagua River.

This site was occupied from about 200AD to 850AD.

Its peak came in the 8th century, when Quirigua’s ruler captured and sacrificed Copan’s most famous king, Uaxaclajuun Ub’aah K’awiil (“18 Rabbit”), earning Quirigua its independence.

Quirigua’s Stele Collection

Quirigua’s collection of intricately-carved stelae includes the largest monolith in the New World.

Stele E is more than 35 feet high, weighing approximately 65 tons.

Other highlights include a ballcourt, carved altars, three plazas, and zoomorphic boulders.

Quirigua is approximately four hours’ drive from Guatemala City and roughly three hours from Copan Ruinas, Honduras.

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