San Salvador

San Salvador

San Salvador & The Quetzaltepec Volcano

San Salvador is located in the south-central region of the country, seated in a wide valley at the base of the Quetzaltepec Volcano.

This area is known locally as the Valle de las Hamacas (“Valley of Hammocks”)—an oblique reference to its frequent seismic shaking.

The Valley of Hammocks was originally settled by the Pipil civilization, with Spanish conquistadors arriving in 1525.

Both cultures were attracted by the fertile land and the Acelhuate River.

The National Theater

Like almost every other Central American capital, San Salvador has been moved and rebuilt in response to volcanic activity.

Its present-day historic center is a mix of colonial, coffee era, and modern monuments.

Three principal plazas—Morazán, Libertad, and Barrios—surround the ornate National Theater, constructed in 1917.

Metropolitan Cathedral and National Palace

The Metropolitan Cathedral and neoclassical National Palace neighbor to the west.

Other highlights include the modern Iglesia El Rosario and the country’s oldest church—Iglesia El Calvario—completed in 1660.

Museo Nacional de Antropología

Many of San Salvador’s ancient treasures are exhibited at MUNA (Museo Nacional de Antropología).

The collection at MUNA includes:

  • Elegantly shaped obsidian and jade ceremonial objects
  • Polychrome pottery
  • Fine stonework of Maya, Pipil, and Lenca origin

The museum also presents accessible summaries of the conquest, colonial, and independence eras.

Museo de Arte de El Salvador (MARTE)

As you travel the country, you’ll come to realize Salvadorans have an uncommon love the graphic arts.

Some of the country’s finest work can be found at MARTE (Museo de Arte de El Salvador).

Over 200 paintings and sketches form the core of this museum, frequently complimented by temporary exhibits showcasing everything from sculpture to photography.

Luxury Hotels & Fine Dining

Because El Salvador is so compact, the capital is a convenient base from which to explore the entire country.

San Salvador welcomes visitors with a selection of upscale hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers.

All roads lead to the capital— most areas in El Salvador can be reached by car within 3.5 hours.

Los Volcanes, Ancient Maya Sites, and Charming Colonial Towns

From the capital, full-day tours can be arranged to ancient Maya cities, Los Volcanes National Park, and charming colonial towns such as Suchitoto and Panchimalco.

Other day trip options include horseback riding, hiking the nearby volcano, coffee plantation tours, and whitewater rafting.

Comalapa International Airport

Comalapa International Airport is located 25 miles southeast of downtown.

Non-stop flights from the USA depart from:

  • Miami (two hours and 40 minutes)
  • Houston (three hours)
  • Los Angeles (five hours)
  • New York (five and a half hours)

Regional flights connect San Salvador with Guatemala City (50 minutes), Managua (50 minutes), San Jose (75 minutes) and Panama City (two hours).

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