The Pampas

Uruguay’s Pampas

Away from the coast, Uruguay’s hilly interior is divided north-south by the Rio Negro. The north is gaucho country, home to rolling pampas grassland, wide sky, and proud ranching heritage.

Some of the finest ranches—family owned estancias dating to the mid-1800s—have opened their doors to guests. Visitors spend their days riding, sipping mate, and enjoying traditional barbeques. Fishing trips and bird watching tours are also available.

Salto, Termas de Arapey & The Guarani Aquifer

In the northwest, near the towns of Salto and Termas de Arapey, the thermal waters of the mineral-rich Guarani Aquifer have been channeled by quiet spa hotels.

Pampas church Uruguay

Between soaks, guests can hike through groves of pine and eucalyptus, ride horses, and enjoy a range of spa treatments.

Uruguay’s interior can be reached by charter flight from Montevideo and Buenos Aires. Private transfers from Montevideo, Carmelo, and Colonia can also be arranged.

We can also arrange luxury accommodation and private tours with expert riding and bird watching guides.

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