Troncoso: World-Class Design

Despite recent waves of international attention and an influx of world-class design talent, Trancoso hasn’t lost its head.

This remains a place where one can truly escape, enjoying precious tranquility and splendid isolation. Founded in the 16th century, Trancoso is still a coastal fishing village at heart.

Horses wander along the sandy streets, soccer games form spontaneously at dusk, and paper lanterns float above garden cafés.


In the evening, everyone gathers around the Quadrado—the grassy rectangle serving as the town square and community living room.

White and Gold Beaches

Trancoso’s beaches are long, wide stretches of white and gold sand, intermittently backed by red sandstone bluffs and coconut palms.

At low tide, the outlying reefs transform the shoreline of nearby Praia do Espelho into a smooth-as-glass natural swimming pool. Some beaches, Itacana included, are perpetually crowd-free.

Others—such as Praia dos Nativos—pulse until dawn with sand-floored beach bars.


Carnival and New Years Eve

Carnival and New Years are peak seasons; when well-heeled urbanites from Sao Paulo, Salvador, and Rio escape the city to party in the relative exclusivity of Trancoso.

From October to May temperatures range from the high 80s to low 70s.

The “cool” months of June to September mark low season, with average temperatures from 80° F to 65° F and not a Paulistano in sight.

Whale Watching Season

Whale watching season is July to October. Year-round, visitors should expect refreshing ocean breezes and sunny skies.

horseback riding on the beach

Precipitation rarely exceeds four inches per month (although that may all come in one cloudburst).

Getting to Trancoso

Trancoso can be reached by land from Porto Seguro; just one hour to the north.

Porto Seguro receives direct daily flights from Rio de Janeiro (one hour), Salvador (one hour), and Sao Paulo (90 minutes).

LANDED can arrange private jet and helicopter charters upon request.

Brazil beaches
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“The pursuit, even of the best things, ought to be calm and tranquil.”

Marcus Tullius Cicero