Discovering the Chilean Lakes District with Rodrigo Vera

LANDED Podcast 026

Chilean Adventures with Rodrigo “Negro” Vera

In this episode of the LANDED podcast, we talk with Chilean adventurer Rodrigo “Negro” Vera and discuss the many possibilities the Chilean lakes district has to offer for adventure enthusiasts. Rodrigo Vera is a man of the mountains. Born in Santiago, Chile, Rodrigo moved to northern Patagonia in his teens. The son of mountaineer Victor Vera, Rodrigo learned from his father and reveled in their explorations of the forests, volcanoes, the rivers of Araucania.

After serving as a mountain instructor for the Chilean Army, Rodrigo certified with the Asociación Nacional de Guías de Montaña and as a Wilderness First Responder.

In 2010, Rodrigo founded Mawida Adventures, a multi-sport outdoor adventure company based in the Chilean Lake District. He enjoys skiing, climbing, river sports, and the simple pleasures of life at home. He lives with his family in the countryside outside Pucon, at the foot of the always lively Villarrica Volcano.

In this episode we go through Rodrigo’s life choices and the creation of his company, as well as everything that the area has to offer. Pucon, where Rodrigo is based, is often rightly compared to Jackson Hole or Banff. Rodrigo has explored this area extensively, looking for the best activities throughout, and offering an array of options for all desired levels of activity.

As we learn about his journey, we find ourselves exploring the remarkable landscape of Chile and its colorful people.

Rodrigo Vera’s journey is full of inspiring stories. He enjoys being in the wild, doing expeditions, and receiving people from around the world. He describes himself as ‘a character’ and an adventurer. He enjoys pushing his own limits and pushing others to thrive and achieve something special.

So, whether you are an adventure junkie, an outdoor enthusiast, or someone who appreciates nature, this episode will have you longing for the Chilean Lakes District.

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