Working with LANDED

LANDED is a full-service travel design and management company. Our regions of expertise are Latin America and the Antarctic.

Our mission:

To delight, inspire, and enrich our clients through travel.

Our goals for each travel experience include:

  • Personalization – experiences that are unique and defining;
  • Precision – unfailing accuracy and timeliness;
  • Privilege – exceptional introductions and access; and
  • Progress – opportunities for inspiration, reflection, growth, and connection.

Our Design Process

Each vacation created by LANDED is a custom-made original. To achieve a tailored fit, we invest substantial time in you—understanding your requirements, tastes, and dreams.

We then research and design a personalized travel itinerary for you. This process is time consuming, even for experts. A straightforward travel design typically involves dozens of emails and telephone conversations with our network of local contacts. In partnership with these hoteliers, guides, and logistics suppliers, we check availability, confirm pricing, structure touring, and examine flight schedules.

Often, our first draft itinerary is an excellent match. In some cases, additional iterations are needed to make sure we have the best possible fit of accommodations and tour timings.

Our work saves you time and spares you frustration. Our process allows you to move forward with confidence, assured that our recommendations are uniquely suited to you.

Curation & Design Fees 

As with architects, financial planners, and other trusted advisors, LANDED’s destination experts collect an upfront fee to compensate for the time, expertise, and resources invested on your behalf.

The fee for curation & design ranges from US$350 to US$2,000 per trip, depending on the itinerary’s complexity.

This fee is non-refundable and is not applicable toward other trip costs. The fee is authorized in advance via credit card form.

Some of the value we provide includes:

  • Professional itinerary curation and design, delivered with thoughtfulness and imagination;
  • One-stop solution for hotel, touring, land transportation, cruise, and charter needs;
  • Consistent service quality across destinations and countries;
  • Rapid response to your questions;
  • Opportunities for connection with extraordinary people, one-of-a-kind experiences, and unforgettable locations;
  • Up-to-date document delivery via smartphone / tablet application;
  • 24/7 US-based English-speaking support while traveling;
  • 24/7 in-country English-speaking support while traveling; and
  • Commitment to exceeding your expectations.

Expedited Planning Fees

Travel plans requested less than six weeks before departure require special procedures. An additional expedited planning fee will be assessed. Expedited fees range start at US$350 per trip and increase with the difficulty of the travel request.

The expedited planning fee is non-refundable is not applicable toward other trip costs.
The fee is authorized in advance via credit card form.