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Stunning purple-hued sunset over the arctic ocean and a field of glaciers in Antarctica


Antarctica is a continent of superlatives: the driest, coldest, highest, brightest, windiest place on earth.  As an experience, it’s also the wildest and the purest.


Area5.4 Million Square Miles

Season November to March

Annual VisitorsUnder 40,000

Altiude at South Pole9000 Feet Above Sea Level

Visitor Arrivals from South America98 Percent

Portion of Earth’s Fresh Water in Antarctic Ice90 Percent

Treaty Nations53

Although the environment can be harsh, during the Austral Summer Antarctica teems with life.  Between November and February, visitors can closely observe dolphins, whales, seals, and penguins.

Kayak expedition group in ocean Antarctica

The scenery here is breathtaking.  Jagged vertical peaks, ancient ice floes, and colors ranging from black to green, to deep blue.  In Antarctica, the golden hours are prolonged; dawn and dusk are often bathed in orange, red, and gold.

Wedell seal lying against another seal's belly on a bed of snow in Antarctica

Crossing the Drake is a rite of passage—a tribute that adds to the sense of camaraderie and anticipation. It’s an adventure, and it heightens the sense of connection to the first explorers.  Air-cruise options are available, allowing visitors to fly over the Drake, bypassing the nearly 50-hour journey by ship.


LANDED has direct relationships with Antarctic cruise, charter, air, and lodge operators. We’ll help you sift through the options to help you find the perfect match. We can also plan your pre and post-Antarctic travel. Give us a call. We’ll get you on your way.

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A group of hikers on a hiking expedition in the Sacred Valley, sitting on top of a rocky point overlooking Machu Picchu


First light at Machu Picchu is an unforgettable experience. At dawn, the site is often concealed by low clouds. As sun rises, the mists slowly dissipate to reveal walls and plazas—first in glimpses, then in majesty.


Could not have been more pleased.  This was the trip of a lifetime for our family.  Thank you!

S. Gentry, San Clemente, CA


What an amazing adventure we have had.  Many thanks to you for putting it together. The whole rhythm of the trip was perfect, and leaving one place for the next worked perfectly. This trip definitely made me want to experience other great spots in South America as the people have been wonderful and the places incredible. Wish we had a month to really explore.  Everybody in the family had a great life experience. Thanks again!

S. Ecenia, Knoxville, TN


One of our best trips ever, made excellent by LANDED’s attention to detail. When planning the trip our travel planner listened to us carefully, asked the right questions, and customized the trip to have just the right balance of adventure and city sights for us. The guides, drivers, and “handlers” were superb. The hotels were top notch. We felt relaxed and pampered all the way. Will definitely look to LANDED to plan our next trip to South America.

M. & J. Siegel , New Rochelle, NY

Absolutely amazing. Thanks again John. Carlos was the best guide I’ve ever had anywhere in the world. Top notch talent.

T. Hill, Fort Worth, TX

We returned yesterday from our trip and I wanted to let you know that it was absolutely amazing!  There is not a single thing on the itinerary that we would change.  The guides were knowledgeable, friendly, and prompt.  The hotels were beautiful, the food delicious and the pace of the activities was perfect for us. Thank you so much for making our trip such a fantastic experience.

B. Baltes, E. Rockaway, NY

In short, our trip was amazing, and, as we had hoped, the Inca civilization was fascinating to us. Thanks so much for your constant assistance and thorough planning.

H. Liroff, Minneapolis, MN

The planning, service and execution of the trip was flawless – thank you for making it perfect!

R. Hayek, San Francisco, CA

LANDED’s services were excellent. You were helpful and knowledgeable, making our trip a memorable one.  I will use your services in the future as I continue to explore Central & South America.

A. Reynolds, Tucson, AZ

It was like being in a very well organized dream. Your patience with my questions and concerns during the planning stage was remarkable.

W. Sibley, New York, NY

I’ve never had such great service from a tour operator. Not only were you a great help on the planning-insuring that I was staying at the right places and enjoying the type of activities we love-but the follow up was incredible. Your team checked in with us several times during the trip to confirm that everything was going well, and that the guides you assigned were satisfying us. It’s one thing to get a “thank you card” or a “hope your trip was great” note after you’re back, but to insure that it’s going well during the trip is a welcome first! I look forward to working with you again on a another trip.

C. Leavitt , New York, NY

You actually got to know us, which made it possible to know just what we like. You promised the best trip ever and you kept your promise.

B. Furstenberg, Roxbury, NY

The entire trip was amazing. Both the hotel & restaurant recommendations were well thought out and helped us thoroughly enjoy our honeymoon.

C. Venezia, New York, NY

LANDED is like the ultimate virtual guide, suggesting the high points and helping us get the most out of a week’s time.

F. Greenberg, New York, NY

We had a great time, and didn’t miss anything. We zip-lined, rafted, sailed and surfed. The contacts and drivers were professional and courteous. We don’t want to be back at work. Thank you for all of the work you did to set up this trip.

M. Marrocco, Dallas, TX

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