Coral I and Coral II Galapagos

Coral I and Coral II: Galapagos Motor Yachts

Considering a yachting vacation in the Galapagos? Coral I & II are comfortable, sister yachts, each offering an array of charming social areas distributed across three decks.

Both of these yachts feature cleverly-arranged outdoor and interior spaces, allowing guests to enjoy an intimate Galapagos expedition experience in their own way.

Coral I and Coral II have capacity for 36 and 20 guests respectively, with both vessels offering an open deck area with a Jacuzzi.

Coral I’s most recent dry dock renovation was completed in 2018. Coral II was renovated in October 2019.

Coral II Exterior

Each vessel’s restaurant serves delicious Ecuadorian and international cuisine; even extending to a BBQ dinner on the open-air Moon Deck. Among the onboard entertainment options are karaoke nights, movie nights, and trivia nights.

These Galapagos yachts are great cruise vessels for charter groups.

Guests who keep kosher can also be accommodated (advance notice is needed) with separate cooking arrangements. Cruise options are available on Coral II that avoid travel on shabbat.

Yacht Amenities

Onboard, both Coral I and Coral II feature:

  • Dolphin Observation Deck
  • Sun & Shadow Terrace
  • Stargazing Area
  • Roofed Terrace
  • Al Fresco BBQ
  • Restaurant
  • Boutique
  • Jacuzzi
  • Lounge
  • Library
  • Bar

Coral Cabin Options

Cabin interiors are thoughtfully designed to resemble a private yacht experience in a cozy ambiance.

Coral Bar

Each Coral cabin can accommodate either twin beds or a full size bed. All feature a private bathroom, ocean-view and air-conditioning.

Coral I has 18 total cabins, while Coral II has 11.

Matrimonial, Double and Triple Cabin Options

Cabins also offer interconnecting doors, enabling them to be connected for families or friends traveling together.

Matrimonial, double or triple cabin options are each available.

Cabin Options Include:

Standard Plus Cabin—(8) on Coral I and (4) on Coral II (Avg. 12 m2 / 128ft2)
Junior Cabins—(8) on Coral I and (7) on Coral II (Avg. 12 m2 / 128ft2)
Standard Cabin—(2) on Coral I and (1) cabin on Coral II (Avg. 7 m2 / 75ft2)

Junior cabin

Standard Cabin General Specifications:

  • Located on Sea Deck
  • Portholes

Standard Plus Cabin General Specifications:

  • Double and Triple Options Available
  • Located on Sea Deck
  • Portholes

Junior Cabin General Specifications:

  • (3) Triple: (2) in Coral I, (1) in Coral II (with an extra bed)
  • Picture windows
  • Located on Earth and Sky Decks
Coral restaurant

Additional Cabin Features

Each Coral I and Coral II cabin also includes:

  • Security Box
  • Entertainment System with LCD TVs
  • Hair Dryer
  • Special Bedding
  • Remodeled Furniture in Each Cabin
  • Onboard voltage is set for 110-220 volts/60 Hz.
Coral jacuzzi

Coral I Specifications

Length: 131 ft (40 m) Safety: ISM, SMC, ISSC, IOPP, DOC
Width: 28 ft (8.5 m) Voltage: 110 & 220V
Cruising Speed: 10 Knots Decks: 4
Max Speed: 12 Knots Built/Rebuilt: 2004
Guest Capacity: 36 Refurbished: August 2016
Crew: 12 Dinghies: 2 for 20 pax each
Life Rafts: 4 for 25 pax each Made In: Germany

Coral II Specifications

Length: 113 ft (34.4 m) Safety: ISM, SMC, ISSC, IOPP, DOC
Width: 20.8 ft (6.3 m) Voltage: 110 & 220V
Cruising Speed: 10 Knots Decks: 4
Max Speed: 12 Knots Built/Rebuilt: 2006
Guest Capacity: 20 Refurbished: September 2017
Crew: 9 Dinghies: 2 for 17 pax each
Life Rafts: 2 for 25 pax each Made In: Holland

Coral Galapagos Cruise Itineraries

North Central (4 Days/3 Nights)

  • Santa Cruz
  • Bartolome
  • Rabida
  • Santiago

West (5 Days/4 Nights)

  • Santa Cruz
  • Isabela
  • Fernandina
  • Santiago


East (4 Days/3 Nights)

  • Santa Cruz
  • North Seymour
  • Santa Fe
  • South Plaza
  • Kicker Rock
  • San Cristobal

North (5 Days/4 Nights)

  • San Cristobal
  • Espanola
  • Floreana
  • Santa Cruz

Those looking for more information about chartering a yacht in the Galapagos can find it here.

Coral Sunset
Coral I and Coral II Galapagos Yacht Voyages can be combined with pre- and post-cruise touring in mainland Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Colombia, or Costa Rica. Contact LANDED at 801.582.2100 for full information and availability. We’ve got you.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

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