Santa Cruz II


Fully refurbished in 2015, Santa Cruz II houses 50 modern cabins with room for 90 total guests.

Firmly committed to protecting the delicate ecosystem of the Galapagos archipelago, the proprietors of M/V Santa Cruz II take pride in leveraging “the newest sustainable advances in sailing.”

Santa Cruz II social areas

With five spacious decks and chic interiors designed by Richard Nilsson, Santa Cruz II was built on the principle of stylish simplicity.

The result is a luxurious ambience, from which guests can appreciate the breath-taking views of the enchanted islands.


Passengers of Santa Cruz II may choose from a variety of options, ranging from single cabins to Darwin Suites.

Darwin Suite Santa Cruz II

Santa Cruz II options include:

  • (2) Voyager Cabins—(127.0 ft² / 11.8m²)
  • (23) Explorer Horizon Cabins—(163.2 ft² / 15.2 m²)
  • (17) Explorer Expedition Cabins—(163.2 ft² / 15.2 m²)
  • (3) Explorer Panorama Deck Cabins—(163.2 ft²/ 15.2 m²)
  • (2) Explorer Family Cabins—(191.9 ft² / 17.8m²)
  • (3) Darwin Suites—(325 ft² / 30m²)
  • Explorer cabins are available in both single and double bed floor plans.

Darwin Suites can be interconnected with an Explorer Cabin, providing an additional 163 sq. ft. (15 m2) of space.


Darwin suites also feature enhanced service, double picture windows and luxurious facilities, and details such as a take-home Galapagos coffee table book and a tablet loan for each cabin.

Onboard communal amenities include:

  • Library
  • (2) Ocean-View Hot Tubs
  • Indoor and Al Fresco Dining Area
  • 24-hour Coffee Station
  • Lounge Bar
  • Gym

The Santa Cruz II also features an on-staff Gastonomy Director, guiding the preparation of delectable and elegant Ecuadorian and International cuisine.

Santa Cruz II Charter Tour dining

Onboard menus predominantly feature fresh food such as fish from the surrounding waters, alongside locally-sourced fruit and vegetables.


Santa Cruz II offers four, five and nine night Galapagos cruises, focusing on either the Northern, Eastern or Western Islands of the Galapagos archipelago.

The crew includes seven naturalists, along with an Expedition Leader, responsible for ensuring excursions fully exploit the wonders of the Galapagos.

Explorer Family Cabin

Guests of Santa Cruz II can also embark on customized land treks and enjoy free-of-charge aquatic activities such as:

  • Kayaking
  • Snorkelling with Sea Lions
  • Glass-Bottom Boat Excursions

All of these activities are availible within the limits of the Galapagos National Park.


Santa Cruz II is 235 ft. (71.8 m) long, with a 43 ft. (13.4 m) beam. It’s powered by twin 850 HP Cummins engines, with a top speed of 10.5 knots.

social areas

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Santa Cruz II Ships kayaking

Santa Cruz II Galapagos Cruises can be combined with pre- and post-cruise touring in mainland Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Colombia, or Costa Rica. Contact LANDED at 801.582.2100 for full information and availability. We’ve got you.

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