Integrity Motor Yacht

Integrity Motor Yacht

Based in the Galapagos since 2005, the Integrity motor yacht is a first-class vessel with a crew of ten, a length of 141 feet and a 24-foot beam.

Unlike many yachts this size, Integrity is equipped with active stabilizers and an engine vibration control system.

Other onboard amenities include:

  • Indoor Lounge and Bar
  • Dining Room
  • Library
  • Wide-Screen Media Center

The top deck features a jetted tub, grill, and lounge chairs.

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Luxury Owner’s Suite

Integrity has nine staterooms, accommodating a total of 16 passengers.

The luxurious 350-square foot owner’s suite is furnished with a king bed and picture windows.

The seven double-occupancy staterooms are queen-bedded, with an average cabin size of 150 square feet.

One stateroom is single-occupancy, measuring 120 square feet.

Integrity Stateroom Amenities

Each stateroom is equipped with:

  • Individual Climate Control
  • Satellite Telephone
  • Minibar
  • CD and DVD Player
  • Flat-Screen Monitor
  • Private Bathroom with Full-Sized Shower

All staterooms are located on the main deck.

Integrity Yacht  lounge

Galapagos Fine Dining

Meals on Integrity are among the best in the Galapagos.

Onboard chefs were trained by Jorge Espinosa, owner of Ecuador’s first Relais & Chateaux property.

Local fish and shellfish have staring roles, complimented with fine Argentine and Chilean wines.

Special Dietary Accommodation

The dining room is intimate—four tables of six guests each. Vegetarian menus are available and special selections can be prepared for young diners.

Leisure Travel Recreation

Integrity offers two versions of its week-long cruise, both with Saturday departure and Saturday return.

The first itinerary visits the islands of Santa Cruz, Floreana, Isabela, Fernandina, Santiago and North Seymour.

The second route touches Santa Cruz, Española, San Cristóbal, Santa Fé, South Plazas, Genovesa, Santiago, Bartolome, Rabida and Chinese Hat (Sombrero Chino).

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Bilingual Naturalist Guides

Land tours are led by bilingual naturalist guides, who also provide enjoyable nightly lectures.

Water tours are another highlight, supported by two double-seat kayaks and two twenty-passenger Zodiacs.

Snorkeling gear is provided, although you may prefer to bring your own, along with a wetsuit.

If you’re interested in learning more about yachting in the Galapagos, check out our free Galapagos Yacht Charter Guide.

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