Gabriel Saragovia’s Costa Rican Eco-Sanctuary Journey

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Gabriel Saragovia’s Costa Rican Eco-Sanctuary Journey

Join us as we traverse the lush, untamed landscapes of Costa Rica with Gabriel Saragovia, the visionary behind Rio Perdido. Gabriel, a Colombian native with a rich family history of migration and resilience, shares his captivating journey from his formative years in South America to spearheading sustainable tourism in his adopted land. Together, we traverse his life’s path, unveiling how his passion for preserving Costa Rica’s natural beauty is more than a mission—it’s an inspirational adventure that redefines what it means to travel responsibly.

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Gabriel Saragovia is a great storyteller, an avid mountain biker and a passionate advocate for sustainable tourism

Prepare to be transported to the lesser-trod corners of Costa Rica, where aridity meets the emerald embrace of volcanic terrain. We journey from the savanna-like climes of the north, reminiscent of a tropical Utah, to the awe-inspiring thermal rivers that flow beneath the Miravalles volcano. With the guidance of local experts, we uncover a Costa Rica apart from the postcards—a land where warm thermal rivers defy expectation and hidden waterfalls beckon the truly adventurous spirit. Rio Perdido stands as a testament to Gabriel’s dedication, marrying state-of-the-art eco-friendly design with the raw allure of the natural world, creating a sanctuary where adventure is woven into the fabric of sustainable comfort, setting the stage for a travel experience that harmoniously resonates with the heartbeat of the earth.

Rio Perdido Hotel

“For me it’s so crazy to think that I get to work and create with an amazing group of people, and operate and provide a product that people are experiencing in a place that I certainly consider one of the top, most beautiful places in the world.”

Rio Perdido Hotel
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