Hacienda Zuleta Family Travel Album

Why stay at Hacienda Zuleta? What’s it like to visit the hacienda as a family? We have stayed here several times, and it never disappoints. From unforgettable landscapes and wildlife to comfort and memorable meals, Zuleta has it covered.

Hacienda Zuleta is an eight-square-mile working ranch nestled in a fertile Andean valley. This is one of our favorite places in South America. We love coming back, and always feel at home. This album highlights some of our favorite memories at the hacienda.

Hacienda Zuleta’s hills and forests

The stables at Hacienda Zuleta

Zulateño horses at Hacienda Zuleta’s stables

Ready to ride at Hacienda Zuleta

The gardens at Hacienda Zuleta

Horseback riding at Hacienda Zuleta

One of the pre-Columbian pyramids at Hacienda Zuleta

Making new friends at Hacienda Zuleta

There are new dogs at Hacienda Zuleta–but always the right number

Here at LANDED, family travel is a big part of our story. We’ve traveled far and wide with our kids in tow, and provide unique parent-to-parent insights on the journey.

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