Hacienda La Danesa Family Travel Album

Hacienda La Danesa is a private ranch located in Ecuador’s green coastal region, east of the Guayaquil and near the Andean foothill, and one of our favorite places in South America. We’ve enjoyed this place so many times and we love coming back. LANDED Travel has the inside school on Hacienda La Danesa—and our family travel album proves it.

Picnic at Hacienda La Danesa

Ready for horseback riding at the Hacienda

Horseback riding at Hacienda la Danesa

Cacao pod, Hacienda La Danesa

Cacao workshop, Hacienda la Danesa

Cacao workshop, Hacienda la Danesa

Cacao workshop, Hacienda la Danesa

Making chocolate, Hacienda La Danesa

Puppies at La Danesa

Here at LANDED, family travel is a big part of our story. We’ve traveled far and wide with our kids in tow, and provide unique parent-to-parent insights on the journey.

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