Peru By Train

Many visitors to Peru travel by rail, if only from Cusco or the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu and back. Accordingly, many levels of train service are available on this route.

Both PeruRail and Inca Rail trains offer basic, economical transportation. However, for passengers seeking a higher level of service and comfort, we suggest the Vistadome or Hiram Bingham trains.


The Vistadome is fitted with unique panoramic windows, permitting side and roof views of the surrounding mountains. Hot and cold refreshments are included.

Sacred Valley Train 

With a capacity of just 33 passengers, the train channels 1920s elegance in their Observation Bar Car and Dining Car.

The PeruRail Sacred Valley train travels from the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu in about three hours, making a brief stop at the Belmond Hotel Rio Sagrado, allowing its guests to board and disembark from its station.

Waiter serving champagne to passenger on luxury train tour in Peru

Hiram Bingham

The Hiram Bingham, operated by Orient Express, features elegant dining cars, a bar car, air conditioning, live music and fine dining.

The Hiram Bingham departure schedule entitles passengers to sleep in before traveling to Machu Picchu and stay longer at the citadel before their return.

Both of these trains offer service to the Sacred Valley and Poroy, allowing passengers to avoid Cusco’s tedious switchback route.

A train with private car options taking people on leisure travel in Peru from Cusco to Machu Picchu

Expedition Train

The panoramic windows of the PeruRail Expedition Train allow guests the chance to drink in the scenery on the journey to Machu Picchu.

The train is equipped with comfortable seats, tables, air conditioning, heating, and bathrooms.

During the journey, passengers have the option to purchase food and beverages.


Inca Rail Voyager Train

The Inca Rail Voyager train travels the route to and from Machu Picchu and is furnished with leather seats, tables, and large windows.

Most seating is in banks of four, on each side of the central aisle. Guests are offered a selection of (optional) hot and cold drinks, as well as light snacks.

Inca Rail First Class Train

Inca Rail’s First Class Train is furnished with comfortable leather seats, tables, and large windows. The First Class Train is equipped with air conditioning and lavatories.

Live music is performed during the journey in the Observatory-Lounge carriage. This train car features armchairs, an open-air observation balcony, and a bar.

Inca Rail 360° Train

The Inca Rail 360° train is equipped with tall, wide panoramic windows, allowing guests the best possible views on the journey from Cusco or the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu.

Inca Rail 360° train is furnished with comfortable seats, tables, air conditioning, bathrooms, and an open-air observation and bar carriage.

Guests are offered a variety of cold or hot drinks, snacks, and a lunch box.

Inca Rail Private Train 

The Inca Rail Private Train offers guests an exclusive, private carriage for the journey to Machu Picchu.

While on board, guests enjoy welcome champagne, and open bar, a multi-course tasting menu, and live music.

The Inca Rail Private Train is furnished with plush armchairs and panoramic windows. The train carriage is air conditioned. Guests also have access to luggage storage and lavatories.

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