Easter Island Travel Album

Rapa Nui, also known to visitors as Easter Island or Isla de Pasqua, is the world’s most remote inhabited island. Its position is 2,200 miles west of Chile’s Pacific Coast—a rough midpoint between South America and Tahiti. Most of our clients choose to stay three or four nights, although some extend to five nights–enough time to enjoy the caves, craters, and coast.

We love visiting Rapa Nui. This album includes some of our favorite Easter Island memories.

Fishing boats south of Hanga Roa

Ahu Akivi

Rainy day at Rano Kau

Ahu Tahai, just north of Hanga Roa

The Kari Kari dancers punch far above their weight class, out competing troupes from Tahiti and New Zealand.

Ahu Akivi

The living moai

Navel of the world

The legendary Mike Rapu–skin diving champ and excellent host

Monumental masonry at Ahu Vinapu

Exploring the lava caves

Here at LANDED, family travel is a big part of our story. We’ve traveled far and wide with our kids in tow, and provide unique parent-to-parent insights on the journey.

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