Magical Cartagena

Cartagena is magical—a graceful colonial masterpiece set on the sparkling Caribbean Coast.

Long ago “discovered” by European travelers, the city’s charms are still unknown to most North Americans. Those who have visited wax nostalgic about the city’s colors, cuisine, and culture.

Cartagena was founded in 1533 by the conquistador Don Pedro de Heredia on the site of a Carib settlement.

San Pedro Claver

Fueled by gold, gemstones, and the slave trade, Cartagena rapidly developed into a jewel of the Spanish crown.

The city’s expanding wealth attracted waves of pirates, corsairs, and English troops over the next three centuries.

Las Murallas

In response, Spain protected its cash flow by constructing the largest collection of fortifications in the New World—high walls (Las Murallas) around the central city and a series of coastal fortresses.

As a result, Cartagena’s colonial center—now called the Old City—was also protected from expansion and redevelopment.

Today, Cartagena houses what may be the Americas’ finest collection of colonial architecture—frosted spires and pastel-hued domes soar above balconied façades and narrow, cobblestone streets.

Cartagena San Filipe Colombia

UNESCO World Heritage Status

Restoration accelerated after 1984 when UNESCO granted the city World Heritage status.

Visitors to Cartagena are quickly enchanted by the palm-shaded plazas, open-air cafes, and photogenic side streets.

During the 19th century, Cartagena was at the forefront of the region’s independence movement.

Innovative Caribbean Cuisine

That independent spirit lives on in the city’s Caribbean influenced music, innovative cuisine, and willingness to celebrate.

Here, parties are spontaneous, frequent, and often mobile. This is a friendly, welcoming city with a feeling all its own.

Colombia Cartagena

Many of our clients stay in Cartagena for four nights or more.

Popular activities in Cartagena include:

  • Strolling the Historic Center
  • Enjoying Coconut and Spice-infused Seafood
  • Sampling Top-Notch Ice Cream and Traditional Sweets
  • Sipping Rum While Watching the Sunset
  • Dancing Until Dawn

Outside the historic center, visitors can explore the sprawling Bazurto Market, enjoy panoramic views from the hilltop Convento de la Popa, amble through the bohemian Getsemani district, and tour the walls and tunnels of the hemisphere’s greatest fortress.

Farther afield, attractions include gold and white sand beaches, picturesque fishing villages, and the coral reefs of the Islas del Rosario.

Cartagena houses

Cartagena Climate

Cartagena’s warm climate changes little throughout the year. Temperatures reach into the 90s, with 90% humidity.

Welcome breezes cool the area from November to February.

Hurricanes are rare, and even in the wettest season (September – November) monthly rainfall almost never exceeds five inches.

Getting to Cartagena

Cartagena is convenient to Bogota (90 minutes) and Miami (2.5 hours).

The Old City has a fine selection of boutique hotels—with accommodations ranging from contemporary to grand.

Cartagena docks
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