LANDED’s Favorite Colombian Activities

Bienvenidos, or welcome, to the Republic of Colombia. Colombia offers the very best of South America—the essential spirit of the continent’s cultures and landscapes distilled and concentrated. Visitors can time travel thought colonial cities, dive into world-class outdoor adventure, or lose their cares among the sand and surf.

Long prized for its gold and emeralds, this land is also adorned with giant water lilies, great green macaws, shimmering glaciers, and sparkling shores. Here, passion for life is celebrated perpetually though cuisine, music, sports, and spontaneous generosity. Colombia will change your mind.

Colombia is located at the junction of Central and South America—a location symbolic of the nation’s cultural and geographic confluences. Its territory is bordered to the north by the Caribbean Sea; to the east by Panamanian forest and Pacific coast; to the west by the grasslands of Venezuela and Amazon Basin of Brazil; and to the south by the Andes and lowland jungles of Ecuador and Peru. In the interior, three majestic mountain ranges are traversed by winding roads that connect cities, races, and cultures.

If you’re seeking adventure, but want to travel light, think of Colombia. If your idea of a great vacation includes the natural world and world-class cuisine, think of Colombia. If you’re seeking wildlife and nightlife, think of Colombia. With its equatorial climate and vibrant cities, Colombia is one of our favorite year-round destinations.

So what is there to do in Colombia? More than we can list. But here are some of our favorite activities, excursions, and adventures in Colombia. You’ll return home smiling, and you’ll never forget that it’s Colombia, not Columbia.

Explore the Region Around the Cocora Valley

Hike among towering wax palms. Float down a tropical river by bamboo raft. Get off the beaten path in a vintage Jeep Willys. Sample organic coffee, cacao, and tropical fruits. Soak up the sunset from a house in the clouds.

Take a day-trip from Cartagena for snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing, and rum tastings at private beach clubs. Or amplify your island intake with a multi-day stay on Providencia or San Andres.


Take a Multi-Day Yacht Trip on the Pacific Coast

This is one of the best regions in the world for humpback whale watching (July to November). But these multi-day cruises are tailored to include surfing (private lessons, anyone?), kayaking, waterfall hikes, and wellness.
Colombia’s Pacific Coast – El Valle

Tour the Caribbean Coast by helicopter from Cartagena or Santa Marta. Make the most of your vacation time, flying over the Lost City and exploring the beaches of Tayrona National Park.

Make your own adventure in San Gil or Barichara

Mountain bike, whitewater raft, rappel, or paraglide. These colonial-era towns serve as bases for exploration of the lush Andean landscape.

Test your Skills at Salsa Clubs and Tejo Courts

Test your skills at salsa clubs and tejo courts in Bogota or Medellin. Uninitiated? We’ve got you covered with private lessons, fun-loving hosts, and insider access.


Dive into Culture in Colombia’s Vibrant Cities

From museums devoted to Pre-Columbian gold or full-figured Boteros, to street art and architecture, Colombia has outdone itself in style for centuries. Spend the afternoon with a private shopper in the fashion district, or have lunch with a film director or salsa composer. Whatever your interest, we’ve got the connections.

Learn from Indigenous Cultures

Some Kogi and Wiwa communities welcome guests, sharing insights into their customs, wisdom, and cosmovision. Trek the mountain forests with expert local guides, practice traditional skills, or participate in community celebrations. Through these engagements, you can gain a deeper appreciation for the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, and those who’ve preserved this land for countless generations.

Kogui Indigenous Community

Get into the Wild in the Colombian Amazon Region

With a comfortable riverside lodge as your base, explore the jungle on foot and by canoe. Your sharp-eyed guides will help you spot pink dolphins, sloths, monkeys, and a rainbow of birds.

Visit a Traditional Food Market

Some of our favorites are in Bogota and Cartagena. Sample tropical fruits and heirloom vegetables that could never survive exportation. Combine your exploration with a private cooking class or chef’s table experience at an upscale restaurant. There’s so much more to Colombian cuisine than ceviche and arepas.



We know the territory. We’ve spent decades exploring the landscapes and culture of Colombia, Central America, South America, and Antarctica. 

At LANDED, we don’t just offer trips; we curate experiences that connect you with the essence of each destination. Trust us to plan the perfect journey, tailored to your preferences. We’ll help you create one-of-a-kind experiences you’ll treasure always.