Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires: Argentina’s Cultural Capital

It’s trend-setting and alluring, but Buenos Aires is not Paris.  Though deeply influenced by European tastes and immigration, Buenos Aires has evolved beyond imitation.

This is one of the world’s great cultural capitals, exporting cinema, fashion, music, and cuisine.

Buenos Aires was established in 1536—and again in 1580—by navigators recognizing the location’s potential as a port for the Spanish Empire.

Residents are still known as porteños, and the port remains one of the busiest in South America.

The city’s museums—housing works by Diego Rivera, Wifredo Lam, Frida Kahlo, Jorge de la Vega—are among the hemisphere’s best.

Other attractions in Buenos Aires include:

  • Polo
  • Futbol
  • Performing Arts
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Architecture
  • Street Art

Most of our clients stay three or four nights and often return for longer stays on their next trip to Argentina.

Buenos Aires Fine Hotels and Art Galleries

Buenos Aires is a complex city of distinct neighborhoods, each with its own texture and personality.

Pedestrian zones crisscross the capital, filled with smartly-dressed couples, and street performers.

Parks and plazas serve as community gathering places—venues for picnickers, political activists, and amateur futbolistas.

No other city in South America has such a fine collection of boutique and luxury hotels.

Choices range from restored Belle Époque mansions to stark design hotels and charming bed-and-breakfasts.

Similarly varied are Buenos’ Aires galleries, design studios, restaurants, and nightclubs.  Porteños are known for late night dining and dancing until daybreak. 

Intimate Access: Art Galleries, Kitchens and Workshops

Over the years, we’ve assembled a collection of trusted friends—ambassadors, really—who open the city to our clients, helping them access the city’s leading galleries, studios, workshops, and kitchens.

Whatever your interests, we’ll make the introductions.

Buenos Aires draws visitors year-round. The climate is temperate; monthly averages rarely reach above 80° or below 50°.

The spring and summer months (October through February) tend to be sunnier.

Overnight flights from New York reach Buenos Aires in 11 hours. Flights from other US destinations last less than eight hours.

Trips to Buenos Aires are easily combined with visits to BrazilUruguay, and Chile

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