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Fishing boat on the white sand coast of Nicaragua's Corn Island


 Nicaragua has a long history of charming its visitors. Migrating northern tribes stopped here over 6,000 years ago, with successive waves following over the next five millennia. In the 16th century, Spanish conquistadors wrote glowing reviews of the land’s fertility, mineral wealth and natural beauty. Mark Twain noted “exquisite panoramas,” “wonderful waterfalls”, and “intoxicating pictures” during his 1867 transit of the isthmus.



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ExperienceSurfing the Pacific Coast

Today, Nicaragua is often called “the next Costa Rica”—a comment on its vacation potential and blossoming collection of boutique hotels and restaurants. Nicaragua really is one of the most beautiful countries in Central America. It also happens to be the largest: 49,998 square miles of tropical forest, volcanic Sierra, rolling plains, and sunny beaches.


Nearly 80 national parks and nature reserves protect the territory’s wild areas—home to monkeys, jaguars, manatees, and 700 bird species. Throughout the country, sunny colonial cities will enchant you with their atmosphere and hospitality.


This “Land of Lakes and Volcanoes” has so much to offer adventurous travelers. Here you can hike over a dozen volcanic summits, ride zip-lines, surf the Pacific, and try your luck deep-sea fishing for dorado and sailfish. Other options include birdwatching, diving, horseback riding and moonlit excursions to sea turtle nesting beaches.

Deep blue sky with light cloud cover over a large tan historical building boasting two large bell towers in Granada, Nicaragua

Most travelers arrive in Managua, the nation’s lakeside capital. This airport receives direct flights from both Miami (2.5 hours) and Atlanta (under 4 hours). Regional flights connect Managua to San Jose and Panama City, with private transfers available from northern Costa Rica and southern Honduras.

Steam rising from wide mouth of Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua. Photographed on a hiking tour in the area

In general, the best time to visit is December through March, when the rains have passed but the landscape is still fresh and green. September and November mark the height of the May to November rainy season.

Worker on coffee farm holding harvest of coffee beans in his hands for members of a coffee tour in Nicaragua

LANDED plans itineraries and arranges travel throughout Nicaragua and its neighbor nations. We organize luxury accommodation, private transportation, and tours with expert guides. Speak with a travel planner today at 801.582.2100. We’ll take care of the details.


“I did not think I had ever seen a people, even in India and Pakistan where poets were revered, who valued poetry as much as the Nicaraguans.”

Salman Rushdie













Stunning View of the could-cloaked ancient ruins of Machu Picchu, photographed hiking the Inca Trail in Peru


Machu Picchu is a city of gods. In the same breath, it bears witness to the power of the human imagination. Towering amongst the clouds, suspended between the Amazon and Andes, each rock seems hitched to the moon, sun and stars.


Could not have been more pleased.  This was the trip of a lifetime for our family.  Thank you!

S. Gentry, San Clemente, CA


What an amazing adventure we have had.  Many thanks to you for putting it together. The whole rhythm of the trip was perfect, and leaving one place for the next worked perfectly. This trip definitely made me want to experience other great spots in South America as the people have been wonderful and the places incredible. Wish we had a month to really explore.  Everybody in the family had a great life experience. Thanks again!

S. Ecenia, Knoxville, TN


One of our best trips ever, made excellent by LANDED’s attention to detail. When planning the trip our travel planner listened to us carefully, asked the right questions, and customized the trip to have just the right balance of adventure and city sights for us. The guides, drivers, and “handlers” were superb. The hotels were top notch. We felt relaxed and pampered all the way. Will definitely look to LANDED to plan our next trip to South America.

M. & J. Siegel , New Rochelle, NY

Absolutely amazing. Thanks again John. Carlos was the best guide I’ve ever had anywhere in the world. Top notch talent.

T. Hill, Fort Worth, TX

We returned yesterday from our trip and I wanted to let you know that it was absolutely amazing!  There is not a single thing on the itinerary that we would change.  The guides were knowledgeable, friendly, and prompt.  The hotels were beautiful, the food delicious and the pace of the activities was perfect for us. Thank you so much for making our trip such a fantastic experience.

B. Baltes, E. Rockaway, NY

In short, our trip was amazing, and, as we had hoped, the Inca civilization was fascinating to us. Thanks so much for your constant assistance and thorough planning.

H. Liroff, Minneapolis, MN

The planning, service and execution of the trip was flawless – thank you for making it perfect!

R. Hayek, San Francisco, CA

LANDED’s services were excellent. You were helpful and knowledgeable, making our trip a memorable one.  I will use your services in the future as I continue to explore Central & South America.

A. Reynolds, Tucson, AZ

It was like being in a very well organized dream. Your patience with my questions and concerns during the planning stage was remarkable.

W. Sibley, New York, NY

I’ve never had such great service from a tour operator. Not only were you a great help on the planning-insuring that I was staying at the right places and enjoying the type of activities we love-but the follow up was incredible. Your team checked in with us several times during the trip to confirm that everything was going well, and that the guides you assigned were satisfying us. It’s one thing to get a “thank you card” or a “hope your trip was great” note after you’re back, but to insure that it’s going well during the trip is a welcome first! I look forward to working with you again on a another trip.

C. Leavitt , New York, NY

You actually got to know us, which made it possible to know just what we like. You promised the best trip ever and you kept your promise.

B. Furstenberg, Roxbury, NY

The entire trip was amazing. Both the hotel & restaurant recommendations were well thought out and helped us thoroughly enjoy our honeymoon.

C. Venezia, New York, NY

LANDED is like the ultimate virtual guide, suggesting the high points and helping us get the most out of a week’s time.

F. Greenberg, New York, NY

We had a great time, and didn’t miss anything. We zip-lined, rafted, sailed and surfed. The contacts and drivers were professional and courteous. We don’t want to be back at work. Thank you for all of the work you did to set up this trip.

M. Marrocco, Dallas, TX

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