Florianopolis & Santa Catarina

Situated in southern Brazil, Santa Catarina emerges as a captivating blend of diverse landscapes and cultural influences. Boasting a lengthy coastline along the Atlantic Ocean, the state is famed for its attractive beaches, including Florianópolis, known for its vibrant island life. Santa Catarina’s German and Italian heritage is palpable in its charming towns like Blumenau, where annual Oktoberfest celebrations pay homage to the European roots. The lush landscapes extend beyond the shore, with the Serra do Tabuleiro National Park offering a haven for nature enthusiasts. This region stands out for its economic dynamism, with thriving industries and a strong agricultural sector contributing to its prosperity. 


The state’s capital, Florianópolis is one of the most desirable coastal destinations in all of Brazil, attracting active vacationers from across South America and Europe.

The city’s historic center—settled by Azorean colonists in the 18th century—occupies the western shore of Ilha de Santa Catarina, serving as a gateway to the island’s beaches, lagoons, and mountains.

Florianópolis Armacoa

Some, like Campeche and Joaquina, host ASP World Tour surfing competitions. Others, like Barra da Lagoa, are perfect for beginners. Onshore, sun seekers can enjoy pale sands and beachside clubs.

Sandboarding, Paragliding, Kite Surfind and Scuba

For the adventurous, sandboarding on the dunes above Ingleses and Joaquina beaches is an option, as are paragliding, kite surfing, and diving. The island’s edge is a study in contrasts—some beaches are dominated by large resorts, while others house tranquil fishing villages.

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For those seeking relaxation and solitude, the mainland coast near Santa Catarina Island has a fine collection of tranquil boutique hotels. Here, guests can swim with wild dolphins, charter yachts, and picnic on isolated beaches.

Getting There & Weather Information

Florianopolis can be reached via direct flight from Sao Paulo (one hour) and Rio de Janeiro (90 minutes).
December to March is peak season, with highs in the mid-80s and lows near 70°. The winter months (June, July, and August) see highs near 70° and lows near 60°. January is the wettest month, while May through August are generally the sunniest.

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